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Pipes insulated with PPU, reinforced insulation, concrete and sand insulation

Advantages and field of application

Pipes in PPU insulation are widely used both at underground and above ground lining of thermal networks, gas and oil pipelines. PPU pipes in polyethylene or zinced cover are an excellent choice to save heat and waterproofing. Alongside with pipes the following shaped products are applied for this purpose: taps, tees, and PPU tapers. PPU pipes and shaped products are made according to GOST 30732-2006.

Special interest should be paid to PPU shells. These are hollow semi-cylinder pieces made of rigid polyurethane that are very convenient at installation. Two PPU shells are enough for covering one pipe. They are attached by means of special collars and couplers. Sealing glues and special tapes may be used as well. Manufacture of shells from polyurethane foam is regulated by TU 5768-002-27519262-97.

PPU pipes, shaped products, and shells help reduce heat loss by approximately 10 times, which allows:

  • to expand the range of operating temperatures;
  • to prolong pipelines service life;
  • to minimize expenses for building and operation of a system.

All advantages of PPU insulation have been actively used in practice in Europe since several decades. In Russia, demand for these products has arisen not long ago but is growing every year.

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