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Ventilating equipment

Ventilating equipment

Ventilating equipment ensures air exchange in a premise, removes polluted air masses, and creates inflow of fresh ones. "Atom-STAL" company offers you to buy equipment for ventilation made of various metals at affordable prices in Moscow.

Zinced steel air ducts

Ventilating pipelines made of zinced steel have great demand among the consumers. These pipelines are easy in processing. Their core can be easily cut, drawn, stamped. Zinc coat protects it against corrosion and may be applied in one or two layers. Depending on the seam direction, pipelines are divided into spirally-winding and longitudinally welded kinds.

The key advantages of zinced steel ventilating equipment are:

  • resistance to corrosion;
  • resistance to various external influences;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • simplicity and ease of installation;
  • durability;
  • utility;
  • high hygienic properties.

Stainless steel air ducts

Stainless steel equipment may be installed in those premises that cannot be equipped with zinced or ferrous air ducts. For example, stainless steel ventilating equipment is widely applied at enterprises of chemical industry as usual metal will have a short service life there. The main difference of stainless steel pipelines is their ultimate resistance to corrosive media. Therefore, they serve much longer than the analogues made of other metals.

Besides, stainless steel air ducts are used for removal of hot air masses from boiler houses and removal of smoke. Same as zinced steel pipes they can have round or rectangular section

Product range "Atom-STAL" company

Our product range includes:

  • air ducts from black, zinced, and stainless steel, and from copper;
  • accessories for ventilating equipment (pipe bends, couplings, plugs, tapers, mufflers, air cowls, etc).
We offer high-quality products meeting modern standards and having passed strict quality control at every production stage. We guarantee the highest service level and advantageous cooperation conditions. We offer discounts and delivery across whole Russia.

Please leave your request on the site to place an order or learn any information you need. Our expert will contact you and answer your questions within the shortest terms.

Advantages of purchases
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Guarantee of superior quality of goods. All products meet established requirements and have proven their declared performance features.
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We do not overprice our products and offer discounts. Thus, you can buy the required batches of rolled stock without overpaying.
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Assistance of experts when choosing the goods. Our managers know the entire range of steel pipes. They are always ready to advice you on ordering the products.
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We deliver our products
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