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Pipeline fittings

Pipeline fittings

Pipeline fitting is a category including various devices installed on pipelines and vessels. They are intended to control the streams of water, gases, powder-like and suspension media. You can buy pipeline fittings at “Atom-STAL” company in Moscow.

Kinds and functions

According to specific functions, these devices are divided into the following groups:

  • Safety. The basic function is automatic protection of pipes and equipment against excess pressure by discharge of excess media. These devices include bypass valves, pulse safety devices. Besides, this category includes return valves which are recommended for prevention of return outflow of the medium.
  • Regulating. These devices regulate flow rate, temperature, and other characteristics of the medium by partial blocking of pipe section. These are regulating valves, pressure regulators, and other similar products.
  • Locking. These devices are used for full blocking/opening of a stream depending on operating mode requirements. These are various gates, slide valves, valves, and taps.

Price of fitting in Moscow depends on metal and size of products.

Product range of "Atom-STAL"

Company "Atom-STAL" company offer to buy pipeline fittings at manufacturer’s prices. Our assortment includes various types of devices, such as steel and cast-iron slide valves, steeply curved taps and tapers (including concentric), T-joins made of stainless steel and steel, flanges, ball cocks.

Sale of pipeline fittings in Moscow is carried out by our company according to the following principles:

  1. Professional approach. We advise our customers on the product range, help them choose the best suiting product kind.
  2. Convenient cooperation. We will deliver your order to any corner of the country quickly.
  3. Quality assurance. All products are made according to relevant quality standards.

Besides, we offer affordable prices for pipeline fitting and discounts for our loyal customers. If you need a reliable and responsible partner you are welcome to contact "Atom-STAL”.

Advantages of purchases
at “Atom STAL” LLC

Преимущество 1
Guarantee of superior quality of goods. All products meet established requirements and have proven their declared performance features.
Преимущество 2
Affordability of products
We do not overprice our products and offer discounts. Thus, you can buy the required batches of rolled stock without overpaying.
Преимущество 3
Assistance of experts when choosing the goods. Our managers know the entire range of steel pipes. They are always ready to advice you on ordering the products.
Преимущество 4
We deliver our products
quickly and correctly