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"Atom-STAL" company offers to buy metal channels at affordable prices. This is shaped metal rolled stock cross section of which looks like U letter. This design provides the product with high durability and resistance to loads.

Features and kinds

Channel sections are made of carbon and low-alloyed steels which is hot-rolled on mills. Internal sides of flanges are either parallel to each other or slightly inclined. The price of bent channel in Moscow depends on its category, material, and size.

There are the following categories of channel sections:

  • bent - can be equal - or unequal-flanged;
  • hot-rolled - with parallel or inclined sides.

If you want to buy bent channels in Moscow you should take into account that their manufacture process is regulated by GOST: equal-flanged - 8278-83, unequal-flanged - 8281-80. Channel length can make from 3 to 11.8 m. Hot-rolled metal sections can have a length from 4 to 13 m.

Fields of application

These products are used for manufacture of average and large metal structures that are required for building of trading premises, canopies, bridges, residential buildings, and erection of load-bearing structures. High resistance to loads (vertical and axial) allows to use channel sections for reinforcement of concrete walls and floors.

If you want to order a steel channel for load-bearing structures you should prefer a heavy version marked with “A” letter. These are special products of high durability with greater thickness and weight than those of products with standard durability. However, rolled stock of different kind may be applied for building too; it depends on structure and project complexity

Advantages of purchase at "Atom-STAL"

You can buy bent steel channel in Moscow at reasonable price at "Atom-STAL" company. We guarantee:

  1. Quality meeting relevant acting standards.
  2. Quick delivery terms.
  3. Flexible cooperation conditions.

There are products of various sizes and kinds including bent and low-alloyed ones in our product range. Product price corresponds to its performance features. We offer discounts for loyal customers.

Please leave your request on the site to place an order or learn any information you need. Our expert will contact you and answer your questions within the shortest terms.

Advantages of purchases
at “Atom STAL” LLC

Преимущество 1
Guarantee of superior quality of goods. All products meet established requirements and have proven their declared performance features.
Преимущество 2
Affordability of products
We do not overprice our products and offer discounts. Thus, you can buy the required batches of rolled stock without overpaying.
Преимущество 3
Assistance of experts when choosing the goods. Our managers know the entire range of steel pipes. They are always ready to advice you on ordering the products.
Преимущество 4
We deliver our products
quickly and correctly