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People we would like to see in our team:

Coaches, tendermen, heads of sales departments, sales managers, active and promising people who are persistent in reaching their goals.

We search for women and men of all ages. Those who improve and develop constantly; who is strong enough to acknowledge own mistakes without justifying them; who respect senior people and follow them, performs own tasks without indignation and anger; who do not waste own time and time of other people; who have fresh ideas but do not place their egoistical implementation before general success of the enterprise; who are ready to implement innovative concepts; who are stronger than we and is able to teach us something.


We search for the wizards having unique approach to solving any problems: psychological, physical, energy, financial, legal, creative, spiritual ones, etc. If you have your own, unique opinion about anything surrounding us in the world and want to make it better and learn new things – welcome to our team!


You cannot work with us if you have any form of addiction: to alcohol, drugs, gambling, success, money, public opinion. etc; if you are morally weak and refuse to develop; if you talk about the past or tend to chat too much; if you are constantly dissatisfied with everything, complain of life and feel offended all the time; if you are hesitant, unassuming, and shy; if you always come late and constantly hasten; if you are diffident; if you have not got rid of arrogance and are not going to do it; if you are not afraid of the God and do not believe in anything.

You have to be over 21 y.o., have excellent results in achievements, be polite, well-educated, self-confident but not arrogant, emotionally mature, stable, and well-balanced person with respect to yourself and other people. You should be able to make decisions and bear responsibility for them towards customers, agency, and yourself. You should know the basics of psychology, be able to distinguish and avoid latent manipulations while protecting yourself and your customer, and if necessary - apply this technique and attack bravely. And first of all you should have a huge desire to work, develop, and aspire to avoid features of people we don’t want to deal with (see the item above).