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Ksenia Berkut
Atom (from ancient Greek ἄτομος - indivisible) - we are an indivisible team of experts sharing same ideas. We are a single whole. I’ve always dreamt about a team of like-minded people. People who are just tiny particles in the Universe but have Great hearts, souls; who advance and progress, are full of ambitions and aspire to move on and make the World better. Atom consists of atomic nucleus and electrons, same as we. There is an idea and those who embodies this idea. With iron grip, rigorous logic, and iron WORD. With nerves of steel. AtomStal is indivisible and steel team. Our motto is "Strike the iron while it is hot".
Valery Starostin
Investment director
Why should you choose AtomStal? The answer is in the name of our company – our key advantages are unity of our team and power of business. These are the basic principles of our firm where everyone is ready to support and assist other colleagues. AtomStal is our second family where we are glad for successes of our co-workers and support each other in hard times helping to cope with them and continue our movement to common goals, while implementing our ideas and dreams.
Sergey Orlov
Legal department head
Confident play on a legal field is essential prerequisite for successful development of any business. Supporting the enterprise functioning according to requirements of the federal laws on purchase of goods for the state and municipal needs is a responsible and promising direction, while the business model of “AtomStal” LLC ensures 100% legal conformance.
Alexander Glazunov
Senior sales manager
For me, AtomStal is a house of like-minded professionals and real friends. It is a house where all colleagues do their best and work for the common good. In the very beginning of my career, I was motivated to do something great and outstanding in the market of metal rolled stock and surpass the competitors. That is why AtomStal was a natural choice for me.
Timofey Bochin
Sales manager
This is a great feeling when you are so carried away by your work and the time flies like an arrow. I have this feeling constantly. Professional growth, personal development, and continuous perfection – this is AtomStal.
Sergey Voinov
Sales manager
Our team consists of guys who are ambitious and committed to the very roots of their being. Work in AtomStal is like a challenge to your inner self as new tasks, goals, and challenge wait for you here everyday. And it’s easier to cope with them when you know you are surrounded by big and united team of real professionals!
Alexander Zotov
Sales manager
AtomStal is a big family aiming to attain a common goal - to create a conceptually new market of metal rolled stock with the new attitude to customers. We aspire to make the market simpler, faster, and more fairly. We care not only about ourselves but also of things we can bring to the world today. AtomStal gives us inexpressible vibes and correct guideline.